Service Contracts
Single Computer Services Contracts

Version 3 – 12/7/15

Benefits of a Service Contract:

  • Priority Support – Customers with a service contract will receive priority support over customers without a service contract
  • Peace of Mind – A Local, Friendly, person to contact with questions and problems
  • Remote Support Software – allows support of a computer should a question or problem arise, without the cost of a technician driving to your location
  • Remote Monitoring Software – used in conjunction with the remote support software to install updates, monitor the system uptime and other vital statistics. This software has been demonstrated to detect certain types of malicious software being installed – allowing for their removal before harm was done.
  • Monthly Scheduled System Cleaning and Defragmentation

Personal Basic:

  • $40 / month – One year Commitment
  • 30 minutes a month (6 hours a year)
  • Basic system maintenance, updates, monitoring of system, all done remotely

Personal Premium:

  • $50 / month – One Year commitment
  • 30 minutes a month (6 hours a year) of Maintenance
  • Basic system maintenance, updates, monitoring of system, all done remotely
  • Two Hours per year for Non-maintenance work

Conditions and Restrictions:

  • Service contracts are offered on a per computer basis – if you have multiple computers, multiple service contracts would be required for each you wish to keep professionally maintained.
  • A service contract is not a warranty – it does not include hardware or software purchases.
  • will make a best effort to coordinate maintenance with your schedule so as to not interfere with your activities
  • is not responsible for an inability to coordinate maintenance due to customer availability
  • is not responsible for charges related to the customers Internet connection
  • The customer must maintain an Internet connection for the monthly service work to be performed
  • A service contract is not a guarantee of system performance, nor is it a guarantee that no data loss or security breach will happen during the course of the service contract
  • Updates installed on computers covered by service contracts may have adverse effects on system performance
  • is not responsible for loss of data or productivity due to scheduled maintenance

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